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Over a Third Players Throw Their Money into Microtransactions in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

  • 2017-12-07 17:00:32
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If you want a little insight into just why and how EA has put so much faith into microtransactions, and destroyed the goodwill of the fans with Star Wars Battlefront 2, then look no further than FIFA 18's Ultimate Team mode. Speaking at an investor program, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has stated about 70~75% of FIFA 18 players that play the game's Ultimate Team mode eventually spend money in the mode. This ends up being at just around a third of FIFA 18 players are paying for microtransactions.

Earlier last month, there was a great argument among FIFA fans. The previous report by SuperData reveals that FIFA has had "significantly less pushback”on microtransactions compared to other games. You can fing out some details from other articles related to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team mode at best FIFA 18 Coins for Sale website - Well, you know players' intention becomes clearer after reading some content chosen from Jorgensen's breakdown of the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team numbers:

"Today about 70-75% of all the people that buy the sports games join Ultimate Team," EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said during the NASDAQ 37th Investor Program, referring to both FIFA 18 and Madden 18. "It's fun. It's a great way to play the game. Of those 75% of the people, about half of those people actually spend some money and the other half just play without spending. But in a free-to-play world, that's a fantastic balance of spenders and non-spenders."

In total then, around 35% of FIFA 18 total player count is spending cash on currency in order to buy randomised card packs. To put that into perspective, last year's FIFA 17 was the bestselling console title in the world, shifting an estimated 16 million units. That means around 4.5 million FIFA players are purchasing microtransactions every year, while a further 4.5 million are happy to play a game mode that is wholly supported by in-game purchases.

In this mode, players build their own teams based on cards received from card packs of varying quality. Inside there are players, cosmetic items, and other boosts such as contract extensions, heals to injuries, stat boosts, positional changes and more. The more expensive card packs you buy, the greater your chance of having better players in your Ultimate Team. And as what YouTuber Goran Popovic has said, the balance has shifted from a good game with microtransactions to one where you kind of need to spend money to save time.

Getting the players is just half the mission though - players are only in your team for a limited number of matches, with contract extensions required to keep them. The better the player, the more costly their contract extensions. You can quickly begin to see the money loop here in FIFA 18, where fans are keen to buy packs in order to get a better team, and then encouraged to keep buying more in order to sustain that quality.

This system has been a part of FIFA for years now, but there are fewer complaints from fans because some of them think such a campaign was wasting their fifa 18 gold as well as real money. This could be down to a number of factors, likely including its particular fan base and fact that there are heaps of game modes you can play where Ultimate Team isn't even a factor.

Considering the sheer numbers of people happy to pay for microtransactions, which dispels the 1% 'whale' myth. Regardless, make sure to check latest article for more details about Ultimate Team.

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