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2 Ways to Unlock Free FUT Packs: Buy Coco Cola or Enter Email Address on EA Website

  • 2017-12-06 16:42:02
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The Ultimate Pack, which contains 30 gold rare players, is by far the best promotional pack in the game. However, it is also the most expensive one. If you have ever ordered fifa 18 coins at fifa18coinsale, you must know the quick ways to get cheap but best packs. Opening packs is part of the FUT 18 fun. However, how to obtain free packs is still a serious problem worth thinking of.

The good news comes to you now! There is no need to buy the Ultimate Team packs you want with so much real money at some websites running fifa 18 coins for sale business. It is because that you can get absolutely free packs if you're lucky enough to live in the United States.

EA Sports are running a promotion where once a day, between December 5 and December 15 you can enter a code found on Coco Cola cans in 7-Eleven stores.

However, if you don't want to buy the drinks you can just enter your email address on EA's website and they will send you a code.

The quality of the packs can vary, during a similar promotion last year some players even received packs that would usually cost 100k coins. And on top of packs, players will also receive an exclusive Coco Cola pack for Ultimate Team and will have the chance to win a trip to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Coca Cola is now always associated with Christmas, they're the reason that Santa is now depicted in red. However, the festivities are only available to a a select few players.

Unfortunately for PC players, this is only open to PlayStation and Xbox players. And on top of that even with a VPN, players from Europe and other parts of the world will not be able to claim the prizes from codes emailed to them.

And despite being able to enter one code every day for 10 days, players are limited to five packs max. Still, if you're applicable this is a great way to earn some easy FUT coins and if you're lucky enough you may even pack Cristiano Ronaldo or a FUT Icon.

If you are not in America or not native folks, there are still other ways to help you achieve the goals. So don't worry that you can't get the packs you expect. Follow to unlock secrets of cheapest fifa 18 coins farming skills as well as best packs choosing guides.

What is important here is to know which pack has the best cards for the less price possible. Purchase the available gold pack with the lowest price per rare player card. These are the only cards that can make some one rich. The other cards are almost worthless.

The market is constantly saturated with Gold cards, making most of them close-to-worthless on the secondary market. Spend 7,500 coins on a standard Gold pack and you'll be lucky to recoup half. Whereas Bronze and Silver packs guarantee you profit over the long-haul, thanks to Squad Building Challenges.

Remember the time when you have the chance to earn free Ultimate Team packs. Meanwhile, the tips we have mentioned above is suitable for all players who pay much attetion to Ultimate Team Packs. If you are interested in where to buy fifa 18 coins cheap or how to earn free fifa 18 gold, don't hesitate to visit We have selected all sorts of content you need. You are sure to enjoy 100% professional service at fifa18coinsale!